In this portal you can find the ideal link between biodiversity and tourism as a transcendental activity that supports sustainable development, the preservation of ecosystems and the intelligent enjoyment of natural environments.

This is your gateway to a world full of natural settings and species of animals and plants that will make you wonder and want to discover more of this planet.

We promote Ecotourism as a way to make trips with a sense of responsibility towards nature and the communities in the destinations we visit, enjoying the different manifestations of its biological and biocultural diversity. Well conducted, ecotourism is an activity of beneficial interaction for both the tourist and the host town and, in turn, a unique opportunity for leisure and personal growth.

Through articles on the blog, as well as photos, data and news of interest in our social networks, we bring you closer to the natural world so that you live a unique experience and your interest to understand and contribute to environmental protection on Earth gets even greater.

Dare to know this world of adventure and knowledge that only offers you @EnriqueLaMarca ! So you can say: Biodiversity?... Teleferika.com.

The inspiration for the name of this portal is Pristimantis telefericus, the frog of the Merida Cable Car.

It was discovered by Enrique La Marca and is a threatened species of extinction, which is only known from localities within this icon of tourism in the Andes of Venezuela.



Biodiversity is the abbreviation for biological diversity and means the variety of all life on Earth. Biodiversity includes all living beings, not only animals and plants, but also fungi, algae, bacteria, and even viruses. Biodiversity also encompasses the genetic variability within species, as well as the diversity of ecosystems.

Visit our guide of mega-diverse countries and Ecoregions. The section of Scientists in Action will give you an idea of what some people dedicated to the study of biodiversity do. And in our social networks you will find photos and information about the great diversity of life on the planet.



Teleferika.com promotes tours and excursions to ecologically and culturally special places. You can figure out where you want to go; we advise and take you there.

When you travel you appreciate the biodiversity of the planet, and enjoy unusual natural scenarios, fresh air, the river that flows along beautiful mountains and forests, the jungles and plains alive with the sound of wild birds and animals, with abundance of natural beauty and a whole range of adventure options. Our guide of Amazing Places and National Parks will give you an idea of some destinations for ecotourism.

Tourism is the mainstay of Teleferika.com.


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At Teleferika.com we promote the most fascinating natural sites on the planet; this includes beaches, mountains, lakes, waterfalls, rivers, forests and savannas, where very unique and attractive plants and animals converge for the tourist who seeks adventure. Join us on one of our trips or, if you prefer, we can help you customize one exclusively for you.

Find physical and digital books in our virtual store, and various items that will help you enhance your desire for trips and adventures, and to enjoy more your experience.


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