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Why would there be a need to put more information about biodiversity on the Internet than what already exists? There are things that are done out of passion, others out of necessity. Let's see it in detail.

My passion has always been wildlife, nature. I have devoted a lifetime to the study of part of the planet's biological diversity, identifying and describing species, proposing and sustaining protected areas, directing ex situ conservation programs with endangered species and promoting knowledge of natural areas for the enjoyment of many.

It is well documented the massive alteration and destruction of ecosystems through all the activities of the human race that is forcing the disappearance of innumerable species of animals and plants, some even without having been revealed by science. And many people still do not know what is happening! For some reason, it seems as if there was not the notion that we are part of the complex web of life on the planet and that what happens with the latter, sooner or later will also affect us. This creates the necessity to disseminate knowledge to make others know, with the ultimate purpose of protecting nature.

This is how the idea of disseminating knowledge on biodiversity (or biological diversity, as it is known) to a greater number of people came about. I hope that this portal, together with several social networks that you can access from here, will allow this initiative to have a greater scope. The more people like you know the life forms on Earth and the innumerable multitude of natural regions, the greater will be the commitment in defending to preserve them in the future. And since we see the human species as part of that whole, we want that commitment to be experiential. And what better for these purposes than to travel to know and enjoy this biological diversity? Whether they are virtual or physical trips, the idea is to create a greater commitment for the conservation of biodiversity that is still on Earth and that is so threatened.

Teleferika is biodiversity, travel and knowledge

There are always reasons for the creation of a new blog. In the case of Teleferika, I was inspired by three:

  • The biodiversity of the planet is amazing. It is what I have researched and taught for more than 35 years. It's my passion. I want to take advantage of the Internet to take that knowledge out of the classroom, into the virtual world.
  • The trips take us to the destinations we choose, to get in touch with the natural world and to know other cultures. Its essence is adventure. The trips also serve to create awareness and, if necessary, to take appropriate actions in defense of nature.
  • The knowledge contributes to choose eco-touristic destinations that you may visit. With Teleferika we will help you discover a little more of that world that surrounds us, so that you can plan your trips. You can decide what to see, where to stay, and how to get the most out of your experience.

My idea is to guide you and connect you with that diverse world that remains unknown. To facilitate this connection, I invite you to enter Teleferika in this adventure of knowledge!

If you want to learn more, Teleferika will be your gateway to this biodiverse paradise to discover and enjoy.

Through this portal I will take you to know the biological diversity of the planet through photos and data about unique places for ecotourism activities and about different species. So if you ask yourself, Biodiversity? ... Teleferika.com

Welcome! What would you like to see in this blog?

I will be happy to know your opinion! 

Enrique La Marca